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In part two of our tenth-anniversary celebration, we’re sharing some Anxiety Slayer success stories from our community and talking about the power of taking action steps. Though anxiety may tell us otherwise, there are many ways to calm our minds and take our lives back.

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Notes from the show:

A few of the success stories we’ve received from Anxiety Slayer listeners.

“I love the tapping, the podcast and I have taken one of the courses you offer. I just want to say thank you so much and please keep it all coming. You have saved me many times from a full-on panic attack plus I can now talk myself off the ledge.” – Mary

“The Tapping works! I’ve stopped two anxiety attacks and I feel so much more confident about going out now I know what to do!” KC

“The guided calming sessions and SOS Tapping are helping me feel calmer, I love knowing what to do if I feel an anxiety attack coming on.” Dawn C

Calming anxiety starts with understanding the tricks of the mind

The mind will resist taking action all day long, and then when you go to bed at night that very same mind will start berating you that you did nothing today. The same mind that talked you out of taking action will now tell you you’re weak-willed. Or whatever else it is your inner critic likes to tell you.

This is what we’re up against when we’re trying to tackle anxiety, and that’s why we wanted to share some success stories with you today because when we hear how others are breaking through resistance and taking steps toward slaying their anxiety it can empower others to do the same.

Don’t let that little voice stop you and then get on your case later. Go to bed tonight knowing you did something. Take action and start slaying your anxiety today.