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We’re talking about EFT Tapping and how to use it to stop an anxiety attack in its tracks.



Points covered in this episode

This episode includes a guided tapping session to help you calm the fear of an anxiety attack. (Tapping Session starts at 16:42)

It’s completely possible to stop an anxiety attack and the first step is to take action.

“I stopped an anxiety attack with breathing and Tapping. It works!” – DB

“The Tapping works! I stopped two anxiety attacks, I feel so much more confident going out now that I know what to do.” – KC

“I can’t believe how powerful Tapping is and you both understand anxiety from the inside out which is comforting. Thank you both!“ – PG

Anxiety is a bully, it will tell you you can’t do things and go places. It sends fearful “what if” thoughts that make us imagine all the things that could go wrong. But once you have a tool like EFT Tapping and you know how to apply it, it’s like standing up to a bully. When you know how to stop an anxiety attack for yourself, the bully loses its power over your mind.

Once you know how to stop an anxiety attack everything changes.

The biggest challenge is to convince the anxious mind to give it a try and take action.

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