How To Stop Having Negative Thoughts And Evolve

I wouldn’t insist so much on transmitting this knowledge to the world if I didn’t know that everyone can be cured because I saw this miracle happening many times, and I keep seeing it happening every day. The end of everyone’s therapy depends on their obedience to the guidance they have in their dreams. Many people who have serious problems are cured faster than those who have simpler problems because they are obedient and serious.

The Love Of A Grandmother For Her Grandson Surpasses Time And Space And Is Felt Eternally

The love that a grandma has for her grandchildren is unique, something that is unconditional, loyal, faithful and cherished by her grandson throughout his life; throughout eternity. THE LOVE OF A GRANDMOTHER FOR HER GRANDSON Surpasses Time and Space and Felt Until Eternity. *A grandparent should not out-live his grandchild, the pain is shocking, devastating and destabilizing. Always remember that seeking help from family, clergy, counselors and friends is a viable option, please allow yourself an unconditional amount of time to grief in your own way of grieving.

Decoding The Depression Puzzle

Numerous studies found that low serotonin levels don’t necessarily cause depression. This may explain why antidepressants don’t always work. Read about the compelling evidence on inflammation as a contributing factor to depression. Understand the known causes of inflammation and strategies to overcome and prevent depression.

Experiencing the Hour of Darkness

A young person I know very well told me recently that they don’t live a day at a time, but mostly it’s an hour at a time. The concept has gravity. There was weight to the words, for it was the case of a real and present danger, a darkness lurking, where what was spoken of involved the potential that the very next moment could consume all sense of hope and rationality; a darkness descended.

Depression – Bravery and Safe Exposure for Vulnerability

Mental ill-health is either bigger now than ever or it’s just being reported more – or both. Certainly, there’s less stigma, but the more aware we are of our mental health, the more we’ll feel its bite. Awareness works both for and against us. For instance, noticing the early warning signs of depression helps us respond quicker and more effectively so we recover better. But, equally, the more we think about depression, the more we may be prone to it.

Depression Alert – Helping Someone With Depression

Having a loved one who suffers from depression can be an extremely difficult situation. Many people want to be able to help their loved one, but they don’t know exactly how to go about it. In this interesting article a leading British therapist explains how you might best help someone who is depressed.

Metabolism to Blame for Resistance to Antidepressants: Study

For many patients of depression who do not respond to conventional methods of treatment, the reason could lie in their metabolism, says a recent study. The researchers from the Rockefeller University in New York and the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden observed that depression is often marked by abnormalities in the body, such as elevated blood sugar level.

7 Signs of Depression in Teens

The years of adolescence are often marked with turbulence and teenage trauma is a reality for many. On top of it, when the teen is suffering from a mental health problem, like depression, the journey could be even more jarring. For parents, handling a teen with some mental health issue can be quite unnerving, especially because symptoms of depression might be overlooked.

Depression: Is It Easier For Someone To Get Depressed When They Are Sensitive?

If one has a problem with their car, it can be normal for someone to ask them what is wrong with it. Through asking this question, they might be able to fix the problem for them, or they could tell them to go to a garage and get it fixed.

Including Walnuts in Their Diet May Help Young Men Improve Their Mood

The benefits of eating walnuts, often regarded as a wonder food, are plenty. Walnuts are good not only for physical health, but also for mental health of young adults, especially men, says a recent study by the University of New Mexico (UNM).