Abuse Teherapy

Abuse Teherapy

For those who have been through the hurt or devastation of abuse, it could be extremely hard to confide in those around you the distressing memories and unwarranted emotions of guilt, shame and anger that you may be experiencing. Instead, you may carry the heavy weight of those memories and emotions inside making life seem sadly unbearable.

Abuse counselling can offer a supportive and non-judgmental environment to help you deal with the intensity of emotion as you walk through any unpleasant memories.

They can also equip you with new perspectives and methods to help you build healthier handling methods, and provide you with the reassurance to cope with flashbacks that keep the pain of abuse alive.

The journey to coping with abuse is a hard one, and it can be the case that it has to become harder before it gets better, but despite the circumstance your therapist will support you through each step, empowering you so that you are able to move on and enjoy life without such undesirable burdens. However, counselling can provide you a safe environment to talk through abusive memories and talk about how they are having effect on you in the present.

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