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In this time of crisis the need of the client is tantamount, but when we find ourselves restricted in our
I began my journey as a counsellor over 10 years ago, when I personally had a traumatic experience and faced
Amidst the stress of A Level exams, I’d always be thinking about a future exam I needed to revise for
I had one immediate problem though, which was how was I going to cope with my anxiety during my A-level
It also prepared me to meet a large group of new people and engage with them.
See credits below. Saturday, 22 December 2018 Not everyone is excited for Christmas, and that's okay Becky writes about the
Putting one thing against another enables us to notice differences, make choices.......
Someone experiencing dissociation may not remember what happens during the episode.
If I wanted to stay at home on a Friday night and watch Hocus Pocus while eating a tagine, I
I visited the university twice before I started, and it certainly made things easier when I moved in.....
withdrawal period depends on the drug and the individual. Light green represents the minimum withdrawal anxiety therapy
Autistic people often feel overwhelmed by sensory input such as flickering lights or loud noises.