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When you engage in activities that make you feel happy – such as a shopping spree, winning a bet –
Regardless of what kind of addiction you have, almost all might take a serious toll on your physical and psychological...
Anxiety Therapy
Feeling on edge or uneasy? Anxiety is the most common reason for seeking counselling.
Anger and high adrenaline trigger physiological reactions for example raised heartbeat, higher temperature and palpitations.
COVID-19 Udate-video
Since the Covid-19 outbreak lockdown began Hebden Counselling has only been seeing clients in an online setting following gove...
Abuse Teherapy
Abuse counselling can offer a supportive and non-judgmental environment to help you deal with the intensity of emotion as you....
Relationships Therapy
Relationships are complicated and whatever your connections with others they can be problematic from time to time.
Self esteem Therapy Suffering from low self esteem? Counselling can help you boost your self confidence. A healthy level of self-esteem is
Bereavement Therapy
At some stage in our lives, we have to face the heartache of losing someone, or something, we care deeply
Some of us are conscious of our shame, yet others can mask or cover up shame in various ways. What
Guilt Therapy Guilt is a feeling of embarrassment and regret that you are responsible for a negative action or event. Could Without trust for ourselves, we tend to feel unable to make the decisions that would move us forward. What