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From a Conservative Party of Canada radio ad:

“There’s so much I worry about as a mom. Justin Trudeau’s plan to make marijuana legal certainly doesn’t help. Imagine, making it available just like alcohol and cigarettes. He’s sending the message that recreational drug use is okay.”

Simply put, this is a terrible ad. Not just because it’s cheesy and melodramatic (there’s a minimalist piano backing track) but because it strikes me as both internally contradictory and totally wrong about its facts. To wit:

1) There’s an implication, here, that we can/should send the message to kids that alcohol and cigarette use “is okay”. I don’t know if that was the intention, but it’s the effect. Grouping these three “recreational drugs” together only really makes sense if you’re suggesting that they should all be treated in the same way. If you aren’t, it all looks a bit arbitrary.

2) If pot were available in the same way that booze and smokes are available, it would actually be harder for kids to buy. One of the things that makes pot so readily available – or, at least, made it really accessible when I was a teenager – is that the market is entirely underground. Thus, the only barrier for buyers is knowing someone who’s selling. And when you’re 18, finding another teenager at your school who’s selling is a lot easier than finding someone who can buy stuff at a store.