Guilt Therapy Counselling in Hebden Bridge

Guilt is a feeling of embarrassment and regret that you are responsible for a negative action or event.

Could Guilt be a possible contributor or cause of your low moods

What Can You Do If Guilt is Causing Your Depression

Ask your questions about guilt and depression with Gareth Parry Professional, Therapeutic Counsellor

Can guilt therapy help, given that guilt so often links back to earlier life experiences and comes frequently hand in hand with shame.

Guilt therapy is often needed to unravel it and separate its control on your moods and life. A qualified counsellor like Gareth Parry can help you process guilt in these ways:

  • Gently stimulate your attempts to face the truth about your past experiences and/or any specific past conduct, that may have played a part in your feelings of guilt.
  • Engage you in constructive dialogue as you look for greater understanding with regards to why you feel guilty for things you didn’t do and/or you took the negative steps you did.
  • Build a secure approach to reconciliation, so you can both have constructive and safe conversations with those who left you feeling guilty as well as apologise to those you hurt.
  • Focus on self-forgiveness and letting go of the past, as you endeavour to change your perspective and mind set.

Gareth Parry
Professional, Therapeutic Counsellor