5 Tips to Beat Seasonal Depression

Many people experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that causes depressive episodes during different seasons. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) says that around 4 to 10 percent people in the United States suffer from SAD. However, some studies suggest that nearly 20 percent people may be affected by this disorder.

Top Vitamins to Help Combat Depression & Improve Your Mood

We are finally beginning to learn that mental illness is as real and medically treatable as any physical illness, and thankfully this openness has increased dialogue into how and why people suffer from depression, or “the blues.” While there are some people who will respond to therapy as a treatment, for many more people the issue is a chemical or nutritional imbalance which cannot be willed away – much like how you can’t just decide not to have diabetes anymore if you just stay really, really positive. Medicine has come a long way…

Why It Is Important to Take Medication for Depression

You may feel like your chest is being constricted because of all the thoughts you have. There are reasons for medication to be available, especially for depression. Here are the reasons why you should take medication even though you don’t think it will work.

How to Overcome From Depression

We hear a lot about depression these days. If you had been active in social Media you would have noticed that even Deepika Padukone, who is a famous Bollywood star, has gone through depression. This makes us wonder that even a celebrity who seems to have everything in life, is battling with depression, What could be possible reason?

Understanding Medication or Substance-Induced Depression

Everyone experiences bouts of stress and anxiety at some point in his or her life. Butterflies in one’s stomach before a job interview, having clammy hands while going through an embarrassing social situation or cold sweats trickling down when thinking of a challenge, all can be attributed to increased levels of physical and mental stress. In most of the cases, it could be a normal transitory phase.

Depression: Is Self-Awareness An Important Part Of Dealing With Depression?

Everyone on this planet will have experienced physical pain at one point or another, and there is also the chance that they have suffered mentally and emotionally. And although it could be said that there is a greater awareness around the former than the latter, it doesn’t mean that this is because what is taking place within can simply be overlooked.

The Positive Effects of Crying

Each one of us has every reason to cry. It could be due to an end of a friendship or a close relationship, frustration at work, or even when we are happy. However, after shedding a lot of tears, we do not realize its positive effects in our our vulnerable psyche.

Sign And Symptoms Of Depression

Depression is one of the most commonly diagnosed illnesses that there is, effecting at least one out of every three people at some point in time in their life. Sometimes, it is considered average to have feelings of sadness or a lack of motivation, such as after the loss of a loved one. Every person is not happy all of the time, and never will be.

How to Come Out From Depression

Depression is a prolonged feeling of sadness, fear, hopelessness, anxiety, anger, guilt, helplessness and emptiness. The person suffering from depression may lose interest in the activities that once used to excite him. They might have problems in making decisions, remembering details and face relationship difficulties. They may even attempt or commit suicide.

Six Activities to Combat Temporary Depression Without Medication

Depression is an intense sadness that affects many people. I’ve listed six ways to reduce or eliminate depression without taking medication.