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As the world has turned upside down, many of us are desperately yearning for a respite from the uncertainty, upheaval, and anxiety. We’re yearning to quiet our stressed-soaked inner chatter and calm our frayed nerves.


We’re yearning to release our physical, emotional, and mental tension. We’re yearning for a genuine breather, a break from the litany of responsibilities and the reality that many things have changed. Many of the things we love and have relied on for comfort, soothing, and healing are no longer an option.

In short, every one of us can benefit from a week (or month!) long vacation. But since this isn’t possible for most of us, we can focus on what is: engaging in small activities and practices that help us to unwind throughout the day. You’ll find these ideas below. Set a timer for 10 minutes, and brainstorm other ways you can unwind in small windows of time.

Unwinding will look different for everyone. And the strategies that help you relax will differ depending on the day and the extent of your anxiety or stress levels. So explore and experiment. Play around with an assortment of techniques, noting what helps and what doesn’t.

Ultimately, don’t judge yourself for needing rest or comfort. Don’t criticize yourself for needing to slow down and take a break. Incorporate small, soothing activities into your everyday, so they become small, soothing rituals that help you to relax and refresh.

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