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Would you say that you had a fairly “normal” childhood?

Would you say that you understood the behaviors and actions of your parents?

Sadly, some people would say that they grew up under “horrible” conditions and “horrible parents.”

These individuals would most likely consider their parents a sociopath. Maybe even a psychopath.

In this brief article (video), I discuss the sociopathic traits of unhealthy and unstable parents.

Research suggests that cluster B personality traits can be among the most comple and difficult to treat. This cluster includes intense emotional reactions, impulsivity, glibness and charm, manipulation, shallow engagement in relationships, vanity, stormy relationships, self-injurious behaviors, suicidal ideation, difficult and complex relational characteristics, among many other things.

Can you imagine a parent trying to navigate the life of a child with the above characteristics when untreated? To make matters worse, if we include substance abuse and a refusal to seek out psychotherapy or medication management things get much worse.


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