Anxiety and Ways to Recover From It

An unpleasant inner turmoil or a prolonged disturbed state of mind can lead to a panic attack. This emotional state of mind is known as anxiety. If you are suffering from a similar condition then you need to know first that which kind of anxiety it is.

Announcing an Astonishing Guaranteed and Proven Method to Heal Depression

If you have been diagnosed with a depressive disorder, you may be feeling a lot of anxiety. However, this diagnosis is the perfect opportunity to improve your life. Most cases of depression have a biological basis. Therapy can aid you in understanding your illness and medication can treat chemical abnormalities in your brain.

Coping With PTSD Symptoms and Treatment

The macabre incident of the recent Orlando shootout is definitely going to scare the collective psyche of the people for a long time to come. While some manage to cope with a little bit of unease, there are others who are deeply moved by such incidents and may need help to come out of them. There were 320 people inside the Pulse nightclub, of which 49 lost their lives and another 53 were seriously injured.

Excessive Caffeine Intake Ups Risk of Anxiety Disorders in Teens

Excessive caffeinated drinks can cause a lot of harms to people. One might feel dizzy or jittery after drinking too much coffee. It can also lead to an upset tummy, and uneasiness for hours. Now, a new study has revealed that high consumption of caffeinated drinks by adolescents leads to anxiety disorders.

Ways to Deal With Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder is a common psychiatric condition. It is quite unnerving and challenging to live with the disease. There are multiple ways to cope with anxiety disorder. According to experts, though there are various effective therapies to handle anxiety disorder, most patients find them complicated and difficult to pursue.

Generalized Anxiety and Negative Thoughts

Anxiety is sneaky, it creeps up slowly, without you being aware. With a generalised anxiety disorder can come panic attacks and that feeling like you’re going crazy. This mixed-up tangle of thoughts, feelings and behaviors gets so wrapped up in your day to day life that after a while it can come to seem normal.

Adults With ADHD Symptoms Can Manage Better With Exercise: Study

Exercise not only has physical benefits but mental benefits as well. It helps the mind relax and ward off stress and thus, plays an important role in managing mental conditions. According to a recent study by the University of Georgia (UGA), even brief sessions of exercise can help adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in alleviating the symptoms.

Tackling Pre-Op Anxiety With Standard Care and Complementary Medicine

When people are to go under the knife, they are usually under a lot of stress and the days before the surgery could be full of anxiety. For some, the anxiety level could be so high that it even tends to have a bearing on the surgery.

Learn to Control Unnecessary Fear

Fear is disabling, debilitating, demoralising and many other adjectives. We must fight fear, don’t succumb to it or your world will forever close in on you, becoming narrower and smaller. When you are in the grips of fear your heart races and you either become confused about which way to act or the fight or flight action kicks in with adrenaline rushing through your body.

4 Things to Avoid Saying to People With Anxiety Disorder

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), anxiety disorder is the most common mental disorder in the United States. Around 40 million adults suffer from anxiety disorders. The least thing such people want to hear is any expert advice from individuals who have never been in their shoes.