What Can Be Expected Mentally And Physically When Having A Panic Attack?

What symptoms can be expected during a panic attack? How long will a panic attack last? What causes a panic attack?

Final Article 4: America: Over Prescribed – Anxiety

Anxiety doesn’t have to hold us hostage in our own lives. Reprieve also does not have to come with a sacrifice of side effects. We can embrace a new life by simply learning more about how we can change our behaviors to combat our illnesses. Small changes over time result in big victories in the end.

7 Steps to Overcome a Fear of Flying

The fear of flying can severely affect one’s normal way of living where air travel has become the norm, be it for business, vacation or other family and social commitments. In a common man’s life, a lot of flying can be involved, and if he or she suffers from a fear of flying, a lot can be at stake.

5 Unconventional Yet Effective Ways of Treating Anxiety

Anxiety disorder is a common mental health problem, affecting millions of people globally. In the United States alone, approximately 40 million people are afflicted with some sort of anxiety disorder. Despite astronomical sums of money being pumped into treating anxiety disorder, it is still a major health woe across the world.

ADHD, Binge Eating and Alcoholism Triggered by Genes: Study

When it comes to inheriting, not all things can be good as certain traits could be harmful. A recent research has revealed that hereditary is a major factor behind attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults, often leading to alcohol dependence and binge eating in the person.

Study Identifies Brain Circuit That Can Help Keep Fears at Bay

People who get jittery at the idea of boarding a flight due to fear of flying or at the idea of going to the basement for the fear of spiders can heave a sigh of relief, as a treatment called exposure therapy can help them overcome their fears. In this therapy, people are repeatedly exposed to their objects of fear in a safe environment to help them get over their fearful response.

Eating the Right Fats May Reduce Anxiety

There has been a considerable rise in anxiety levels among Americans, said Ruth Whippman, writer, journalist and documentary filmmaker, in her book titled “America the Anxious: How our pursuit of happiness is creating a nation of nervous wrecks.” The book explores the dark side of the country’s quest for happiness and living fuller lives.

Brain Protein That May Help Understand Anxiety Disorder Better

Anxiety disorder is a complex mental problem, affecting millions across the globe. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines anxiety disorder as a mental condition characterized by excessive and unrealistic worry about everyday tasks or events, or may be specific to certain objects or rituals. At times, these worries can be so overwhelming and unnerving that a person is left with no option but to seek help from doctors.

Anxiety – Healing When You’re Living a Reality is All Too Real

Like an itch in a cavern fathoms within, never able to find it let alone scratch it, the anxiety I faced for a short season never let go. A constant sense of vigilance, a gnawing of the mind, an aneurysm about to explode but one that never does. Anxiety.

A Man, His Fears and Tears

I look forward to the day when it will be socially unacceptable, everywhere, to decry a man his emotions. Where four people suicide, three are men. Why is this?