Histrionic Personality Disorder Symptoms – What This Condition Is and What Helps!

Having a histrionic personality disorder can wreck havoc on a persons life. This article shares what it really is, how someone gets it and a few unique ideas to deal with it!

Why It Is Not Cool to Be Lonely

An elderly’s life is fickle and uncertain. Each day is a blessing not to be squandered on worry or feeling lonely, or being idle. Each day is a chance to make a difference, if not in others’ lives, but in ours.. Each day must be lived so that, should we not see another sunrise, people would say, “He looks so happy!”

Manic Depressive Disorder Can Control a Number of Lives If It Is Allowed Too

Manic depressive disorder can not only control the life of some-one afflicted with it. It also has the power to control the lives of friends and lovers of some-one so afflicted. Here I explain how this can be the case.

Of The Mental Health Profession And Fallibility

The quest for mental wellness is tightly intertwined with the advice and beliefs of the medical profession. The problem is that some medical professionals are not competent providers of care. The keyword is “some”. This is not an attack on the entire medical profession. It is a call to accept more responsibility for one’s path to wellness.

Ways to Prevent a Relapse of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is a psychiatric illness where the individual suffers from a manic state and/or depressive state. If you or your loved one has Bipolar Disorder, there are important steps you should know to help prevent future episodes of relapse.

Bipolar Disorder – How the Low Side Afflicts You

Bipolar disorder is a group of mood disorders. The exact diagnosis depends on the exact nature and sequence of a series of mood-swings between high and low moods. In this article I set out details as to how the mood-swings into lows affect an afflicted person.

PTSD Healing Needs More From Catholics and Christians

Current events and statistics show that out of the 90,000 returning home Veterans two out of five will have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.) The current situation in America is that there is an emerging movement through the Christian community to connect (healing, not treating) this Mental Health disorder. This is the biggest difference in using Alternative, Self-Help processes in that the person suffering from past traumatic events are given the knowledge that they are able to heal themselves through connecting to our Higher Power (Christ is mine.) I must emphasize the essence of this epistemology that links to another type of healing the self through New Age thinking.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Approaches

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a common practice used to help people suffering from a variety of problems from depression to anxiety, fear and impulsive disorders. This type of therapy is carried out by professionals such as psychiatrists and psychologists and involves talking through problems and problem solving.

My Child Is Bipolar: Now What?

Children around the globe are being diagnosed with mood disorders like Bipolar disorder. They are constantly dealing with a multitude of hardships, due to both debilitating symptoms and societal expectations. While experiencing symptoms that resemble that of a hormonal imbalance, these children often experience academic and behavioral problems in school and at home, leading to a reduced quality of life. Severe symptoms often interfere with relationships with siblings, parents, other family members, and friends.

The Paleo Diet Rocks!

For decades I have always believed that cavemen had the best diet as refined carbs such as bread, rice and pasta were not around at that time and therefore they were able to eat a lot more healthily and as nature intended. I had no idea that anybody else agreed with my belief, let alone that there was actually a name for such a diet (what with being brought up in a Nigerian household in South London, with such foods as rice and yam being part of the staple diet. My dear mother would often take offence…