Living With Anxiety Can Be Perilous

Anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental problems across the world. An estimated 18 percent American adults suffer from one form of anxiety disorder or the other. Living with an anxiety disorder is not easy.

What Causes Anxiety In Children?

Anxiety in children is a normal part of childhood development. Anxiety disorders are common and usually affect one in eight children. This phase is usually harmless and treatable. Children who suffer from this condition often experience different disorders like fear, uneasiness, shyness and much more.

Unhealthy Relationships Can Cause Anxiety And Stress

Anxiety and stress can occur in our relationships with others, whether it be our spouse, children, parents, in-laws, co-workers or a host of many other types of relationships. A good and healthy relationship should be well-balanced and amicable between both people. When a relationship becomes one-sided, smothering, demanding or disrespectful it can create an extremely stressful and anxiety producing situation.

5 Tips for Dealing With Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be extremely scary, but they are much more manageable than people think. Here are some tips-that may seem counter-intuitive-to help you manage your panic attacks.

Self-Help Bestsellers on Anxiety Disorder – Part II

Books are a man’s best friend, the most non-judgmental source of any information, inspiration, and the fuel to shove one’s engine when it is stuck by the hurdles in life. Reading a book is like a pep talk we all need at the advent of a slowdown. Similarly, there are also books on anxiety disorders which can provide us with all the vital information and help us in our fight against the serious mental condition.

Post Marijuana Depersonalization Syndrome (PMDS)

Depersonalization and Anxiety are often triggered by the use of marijuana and other recreational drugs. It is best to understand the consequences of using these substances to avoid what is known as the Post Marijuana Depersonalization Syndrome or PMDS. Learn how to understand what is actually creating your symptoms and how to interrupt them permanently.

Agoraphobia: Some Tips To Help You Get By

Introduction: Agoraphobia, a fear of going outside, is a debilitating form of anxiety. It hits you at your core – your ability to move around freely. It can come along for any reason.

The Best Herbal Supplements For Anxiety And Stress

Research has shown that stress can be quite deadly. However, the good news is that there are various natural supplements and herbs that can help to reduce stress even without the many side effects that are associated with the common psychotropic medications.

Announcing an Astonishing Guaranteed and Proven Method to Heal Depression

If you have been diagnosed with a depressive disorder, you may be feeling a lot of anxiety. However, this diagnosis is the perfect opportunity to improve your life. Most cases of depression have a biological basis. Therapy can aid you in understanding your illness and medication can treat chemical abnormalities in your brain.

Tackling Pre-Op Anxiety With Standard Care and Complementary Medicine

When people are to go under the knife, they are usually under a lot of stress and the days before the surgery could be full of anxiety. For some, the anxiety level could be so high that it even tends to have a bearing on the surgery.