5 Self-Help Tips to Ward Off Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is intrinsically entwined to everyone’s life and it is difficult to envisage somebody without any anxiety. While it is normal to experience anxiety to some extent in our daily lives, it becomes a problem when it comes in the way of executing quotidian chores.

5 Steps to Calm Anxiety in a Child

Children have a tendency to get anxious and there’s nothing wrong with it. Getting anxious is natural that is experienced by all. After all, it is also an “evolutionary safety survival mechanism,” according to a Huffington Post report.

Coping With PTSD Symptoms and Treatment

The macabre incident of the recent Orlando shootout is definitely going to scare the collective psyche of the people for a long time to come. While some manage to cope with a little bit of unease, there are others who are deeply moved by such incidents and may need help to come out of them. There were 320 people inside the Pulse nightclub, of which 49 lost their lives and another 53 were seriously injured.

How to Overcome From Anxiety

Anxiety is the fear or nervousness you might feel in certain situations. Here we will understand what anxiety is, its symptoms, types and how to care for yourself in a situation where you feel anxious.

I Had a Panic Attack!

Overloaded with stress? Overwhelmed? Suffering from chronic anxiety? Ever want to know what to do in the throes of a panic attack? Keep reading!

How To Support a Partner Who Is Suffering From Anxiety

How to Support a Partner Who is Suffering from Anxiety I think we can all agree that supporting a partner who is suffering from anxiety is a tricky thing. In this blog we look at some background on anxiety in Australia, what it’s like to live with someone with anxiety, and sharing some tips on helpful behaviors to best support your partner.

5 Ways to Deal With on-The-Job Anxiety

Anxiety disorder, one of the most common mental health issues affecting the American population, often goes unnoticed at the workplace. Though largely ignored, workplace anxiety is quite common and has now started taking a toll on people’s life. The condition not only severely affects employees’ emotional and physical health but also impacts their career by interfering with their productivity and performance.

5 Signs of Chronic Anxiety That People Ignore

If you get anxious at the drop of a hat, fear engulfs you in the most horrific manner, you sweat in the presence of a crowd, or you are constantly nervous about things that might befall you in the future, then there is a chance of suffering from anxiety disorder. Anxiety comes unannounced and nobody is spared from its clutches.

Mindfulness Therapy Helps Patients With Anxiety Disorder: Study

Psychotherapy and pharmacological solutions are some of the common treatment options for patients with mental disorders. But, alternative treatments for psychiatric conditions are increasingly becoming popular. Lately, doctors have been advising alternative treatments, like meditation and yoga, for mental issues, particularly for anxiety disorders and depression.

Helping Someone With Social Phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder)

There are many different types of anxiety disorders that can range in severity level in the person with the disorder. Many people who suffer from an anxiety disorder do not realize that the anxiety and panic attacks they experience are part of a diagnosable disorder, and they don’t seek the help they need. Social Anxiety Disorder is very common among teenagers and young adults, and people experiencing this disorder may be unwilling or reluctant to receive help.