5 Anxiety Reducing Strategies for Everyday Life

Anxiety is an enigmatic stressor, that generalises fear, creating no path back to its source. And because it’s so pervasive in many of our lives it wreaks compound havoc.

Things to Know for Parents of Children With Anxiety Disorder

It is difficult handling children suffering from a mental condition and things get more difficult if it is an anxiety disorder. Parents of children suffering from an anxiety disorder should know certain things so that it becomes easier to handle any untoward situation at home.

When Shame Leads to Suicide

The number of suicides in Australia recently are not much different to those occurring in the rest of the world. One of the major causes of the mental condition that causes it is not so much in the mind as in the emotions. The feeling like one has been kicked in the gut is a common complaint amongst those who are in debt, suffering an inscrutable disease, or who have lost loved ones they cannot live without.

Worry No More

This article gives some brief tips on how to break the habit of rumination. What is rumination? Rumination is the constant worry and chatter that goes on in your brain that may cause you to be anxious and your thought to spin over and over. It can be very exhausting and waste your time. Want to change all that. This article will give you tips to do that.

Tips to Help Anxious Travelers

Going on a vacation is something that most people look forward to. It is natural to take a break, especially after slogging hard for months. However, many people don’t enjoy going on a travel break as they shudder at the mere thought of traveling to faraway places. They fear to travel, to visit unfamiliar places or to plunge into the unknown. They are the anxious travelers and they suffer from travel anxiety.

Negative Effects of Anxiety on Your Life

The negative effects of anxiety on your personal and professional life are immense. Also, when left to fester and grow on its own, anxiety can result in a bunch of negative consequences that can affect nearly all aspects of your life.

Agoraphobia: Some Tips To Help You Get By

Introduction: Agoraphobia, a fear of going outside, is a debilitating form of anxiety. It hits you at your core – your ability to move around freely. It can come along for any reason.

Phobias From Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a real, mentally debilitating disorder that affects millions of people all over the world. Many people experience anxiety from time to time, especially when faced with a very stressful or challenging problem or upcoming event in their life; however, occasionally feeling anxious about something is different from having an anxiety disorder. An anxiety disorder can create a feeling of extreme distress, nervousness, and depression that completely disrupts your life’s normal routine, making it impossible to carry out simple tasks like hanging out with friends or going to public events.

Your Anxiety Should Drive You

Many times in our lives we are dealt a raw hand. No matter what you try to do everything seems completely helpless like you don’t know where to go and which direction you should head. It seems sometimes as if forces are conspiring against you.

Learn to Control Unnecessary Fear

Fear is disabling, debilitating, demoralising and many other adjectives. We must fight fear, don’t succumb to it or your world will forever close in on you, becoming narrower and smaller. When you are in the grips of fear your heart races and you either become confused about which way to act or the fight or flight action kicks in with adrenaline rushing through your body.