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Today I love live radio and being on the air, knowing that as I speak the words are going out and anyone with a radio or an online connection can just tune us in and listen. I love that the process was familiar enough, because of our live to tape experience, even though this was our first live to air experience. I love that my co-host and I are almost polar opposites in a way, she was nervous when we started out and calmed down as the show went on, while I was calm and ready when we started out and got more stoked and pumped as the show went on, to the point where I was ready to do just about any exciting thing when we walked out of the studio. I love how much fun yesterday’s show was for me. I love that I am fully aware that the pre-show that we did was the big event in my mind, not because Summerfolk2020 wasn’t important, but because I was an integral part of my show. I love that rolling home as quickly as possible and tuning in the main event was the perfect way for me to calm down. I love that it was about as much like Summerfolk as anything could have been in these strange and unusual times. I love that even in this pandemic year I still got to be a part of Summerfolk and that is something I will always treasure.

Today I love that we are off to the cottage for the afternoon and we’ll be giving it the once over before next weekend’s company arrives. I love that we will likely have to throw ourselves into the water because it is quite warm out there today and the water is around 70°F and that’s the perfect thing for an overheated old man to be plunged into. I love that my energy levels are always revived by my being thrown into the waters of the beautiful Georgian Bay. I love that few people on earth realize that Georgian Bay is nearly half the size of the rest of Lake Huron itself, and almost as big as Lake Ontario, that’s a lot of swimming room.

Today I love peaches diced in my cold cereal on a hot day. I love peaches grilled on the barbecue with a honey and oil glaze. I love that I’m still contemplating making a peach pie. I love that I’m also contemplating peach jam. I love that I am pretty sure that anyone reading this could likely guess with little struggle that I love peaches.

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