Today I Love The Morning Glory’s Fearsome Cousin

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Today I love the Morning Glory’s fearsome cousin Bind Weed when it climbs up barren deciduous trees and shares its brilliant white trumpet flowers. I love that in the wild it grows with blooms the size of Morning Glories’ flowers and is quite hospitable to other plants, though I am not pleased with its invasion of our back yard where its flowers are small and insignificant and yet its desires to take over are obvious. I love that there are political leaders who remind me very much of back yard bind weed, small and self important in their determination to better their own lives mostly, because that makes me laugh, bind weed politicians. I love how peaceful the flora in nature seems, though I am aware that that is because everything in nature knows its place with the exception of us humans. I love that it is a dull grey, warm day and quite conducive to introspection. I love that company is on their way to snap me out of this as soon as I am done writing. I love that we had dinner company last night as well. I love that full of companionship or quietly singular, my days are happy ones currently and I will keep hold of that as long as I am able.

Today I love that this week coming up is one of personal maintenance, doctors and dentists will be checking under the hood, changing my oil and swapping out any worn parts, and giving me the once over and a good tuneup to boot. I love that a friend of mine told me her 105 year old aunt said at her hundredth birthday party that the secret to a long life was to go to all your doctors’ appointments and so I’m going. I love that I am still alive today because of their kind interventions and I willingly put myself in their hands as I wish to no longer be responsible for the mess I’ve made of myself so far, that feels a whole lot less stressful.

Today I love strawberry rhubarb freezer jam, the stuff that got us through the summer when I was a child and into the autumn when we would start eating the preserves that kept at above freezing temperatures on a shelf in the cold room. I love that I made a batch of said strawberry rhubarb jam as I mentioned a week or two ago and it grabs me and turns me ’round and points to my youth way back in my past and reminds me, “See, see how wonderful that was? You are a lucky man.” and so I am, truly.

Today I love drinking coffee and contemplating all the wonders of the past and the present while I wait for the future to fill up with laughing youngsters on my shore, and abandon my burden of thoughts of my age to the wild playful times of my youth again.

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