Today I Love Watching The Gardens Grow

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Today I love watching the gardens grow and spread and thrive and flourish around us no matter where we are. I love how even taking care of them gives back to the caregiver with a feeling of wellbeing and a sense of pride in accomplishment. I love that our gardens are tiny and many and that we grow things all over and care more for them than for the lawn. I love that the cottage is surrounded by trees and plants and ferns and some veggies that have been incorporated among the floral plantings that were here when we moved in. I love that our gardens at home are slowly being transformed into veggie patches and the flowers are being relocated to new homes where, if they survive, they will still bring us some joy. I love that we plant seeds and then assume we’ve failed until the seeds germinate and grow produce for us and then we celebrate as if we are the beneficiaries of a stroke of lucky good fortune. I love how easy going we are because that is the best way to grow gardens, with an easy attitude and a carefree spirit and a little bit of hope. I love how good it is to be outside these days, even if I do have to over dress to keep from being chilled.

Today I love that we have had two good days at the cottage and tonight we go home to the renovation site we live in. I love that the kitchen at home has come along so far and so well that I am excited to be going home and that’s a strange sensation for me, being excited to leave the cottage. I love that even though we love the cottage and even though we are transforming the house into something we really love, we are still able to look at other properties that offer different amenities and consider relocation. I love that we have open minds when it comes to where we live because life is an adventure and adventures are only good if they bring new things.

Today I love that I am still learning how to cook breakfast and I hope I continue to learn how to do that for the rest of my life. I love that my wonderous omelette du jour has become gruau de la semaine in our house, though I do still make omelettes every once in a while. I love that the next batch of oatmeal will be cooked on my new gas cook top. I love how things always work out. I love that my cousin Michael is progressing well and has started to react to his surroundings and open his eyes.

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