Anger Therapy

Anger Therapy

Do you ever get so angry that you really want to lash out, shout or throw something? Does your partner enrage you so often that you just end up screaming at them? Maybe you are finding yourself regularly wishing to harm your child or perhaps a pet because they irritate you all the time?

Anger and high adrenaline trigger physiological reactions for example raised heartbeat, higher temperature and palpitations. This level and force of emotion over an extended period of time can bring about severe physiological and psychological health problems such as depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and lower-functioning immune system to list just a few.

Frequent angry outbursts could also have a devastating impact on our relationships, both professionally and personally, leading to us even more unhappiness and even placing us or those close to us in danger. If your anger is causing distress to you and those around you, then anger management therapy could be right for you.

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