Counselling in Nelson

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Sometimes it is comforting to know that the therapy you receive has the anonymity you seek, where you feel safe and confident to open up to yourself knowing, when, at the end of your session, you aren’t walking out to a street where everybody knows your name.

Counselling in Nelson

If difficulties from the past, painful experiences in the present or worries about the future leave you feeling distressed or struggling to face day to day life then Counselling with Gareth Parry can provide an opportunity to share, evaluate and challenge your issues in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space.

bacpWith an abundant experience with a diverse client base, spanning age, gender, cultural, religious and lifestyle type and enjoy working with all.



Your First Session!

Your first session is a free two-way assessment, both you and your Counsellor therapist Gareth will establish if you are able to work together. Gareth will appreciate that you may have intense feelings about attending therapy and will work to help you feel at ease. Asking non intrusive questions but gaining an understanding of your issue and what you want to gain from attending Counselling.

Gareth will discuss his therapeutic approach, session times, payment, confidentiality, and the cancellation policy with you so you have a clear understanding of the way it works.